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Posted on 18th March 2019

Horseshoe Hearts Unique Gifts

Each one of our Hearts begins as a genuine used ‘Lucky’ Horseshoe. That’s whether it comes from one of our stock (Barry Wiles is a working farrier too!) or from your own horse or pony.

Folklore has it that luck is struck into each shoe with each footfall of the horse. It just wouldn’t be the same if new shoes were used! only used shoes are considered lucky!

Firstly, each shoe is heated in the fire briefly and cleaned to remove all built up dirt, and grit from the groves and nail holes in the shoe.
It is then heated again and the hand forging process begins. None of our shoes are cut and then welded together again to form a heart, each stays in the whole one piece and is heated and forged into a heart shape. The total forging process from horseshoe to completed heart shape takes three to five heats in the fire depending on the shoe’s size.

Once the heart is forged it doesn’t end there. Each heart is filed to remove any sharp edges from the worn shoe to make sure the heart is safe a tactile to hold.

Now the heart is forged and filed, it is buffed to remove scale and at this point, if the heart is being personalised, it would be stamped with the personalisation.

Finally, each heart is rubbed with beeswax to help form a protective layer from rust.

Every heart is treated with a clear lacquer to protect from rust. However, if you are going to be keeping your Horseshoe Heart outside we recommend you treat it with a clear spray lacquer at regular intervals to provide longer-term protection.

We are very proud of the time we take making each individual heart. The shoe stays as a complete whole and the end result is something that is wonderful to hold in your hand and touch as well as something to be hung and admired. To find out more about us visit our About page.

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