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Posted on 18th March 2019

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We have the absolute pleasure of working with Tara Punter PR

Here is what she had to say about us:

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Desperately searching for a gift for that one horsey person who has absolutely everything and, bar buying them another horse (or if you get really desperate, a few bags of shavings and some feed), you just can’t think what to get them.

Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts have the perfect solution,a wonderful artisan company behind a range of beautiful equestrian gifts and homewares crafted from… well horseshoes, of course! The horseshoe is undoubtedly the ultimate and most iconic lucky charm, preferably hung or mounted with the ends pointing up towards the sky to capture and store good luck for its owner.

Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts have designed a range of gifts and home accessories that are a stunning nod to luck and horses for your home, including candle holders, sculptures, wine and glass racks, coat hooks and hanging hearts. They have also created also some lovely hoof picks which will certainly take pride of place in any grooming kit – just make sure you keep yours safe from that hoof pick pincher that every yard has – and personalised horseshoe letter name signs that will look just perfect above a stable door. Your perfect gift can also be created from horseshoes belonging to a horse that was precious to you, turning them into something that the recipient can treasure forever.

Tara Punter PR has years worth of experience helping businesses with their PR, Marketing and Social Media. Having been involved in the equine industry her whole life, Tara brings a plethora of expertise to your business.

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