Original Horseshoe Heart Good Luck Charm

These are our original Horseshoe Hearts, just the same as the mini hearts and can be personalised with stamps in the same way.

These hearts began as used “lucky” horseshoes and have been heated, cleaned, brushed and hand forged into a heart shape. They are then filed to remove any rough edges to make them tactile and comfortable to hold.

These standard size hearts have a bit more room for longer personalisation than the mini hearts, up to 10 characters either side of the heart. Please leave the required personalisation in the fields below.

These can also be made from your own shoes, if your shoes are between 12cm and 16cm wide.Please select this from the drop-down below and contact me to make the arrangements for this. We charge slightly more for this service so that we can return your product by Special Delivery as we know the sentiment behind your shoes.

Every piece is treated with a clear sealant suitable for exterior and interior use and to protect against rust. However, if you do mean to keep you piece outside we do recommend retreating it a couple of times a year (especially within the UK!) with a clear lacquer suitable for exteriors to stop a tarnish developing.

Please note: These items are for decoration only and are not suitable as toys for children.

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    Side 1 of Heart

    Side 2 of Heart


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