About Horseshoe Hearts

“We are a Farrier & Artist team. Based in rural Hertfordshire we are horse lovers and owners, countryside and wildlife enthusiasts and care passionately about animal welfare. The love of horses combined with a mutual need to be creative and resourceful led us to rediscover the beauty of the used horseshoes that we were indeed overrun with.

A mountain of steel, all different shapes, and sizes, that seemed to whisper of the memories and moments stored within them. Of horses that have meant so much, through Horseshoe Hearts those shoes, and the ones we receive from client’s own horses, have become a celebration of love for the horse, horse ownership and all that they mean to us.

Beginning with the humble Horseshoe.

An item that is steeped in history going back thousands of years and an object that represents the complex relationship between man and horse over time.So much folklore surrounds the horseshoe, that “lucky” used horseshoe. The luck said to be struck in to the shoe by the horse with each footfall. The lucky number 7. Traditionally shoes were made with seven nail holes for seven nails. And finally, of course, will the luck run out?! Place the shoe above the door to hold luck in? Face it down over the threshold to shower those that pass beneath with luck? Even up to catch the luck for 6 months of the year and down to shower for the other 6?! All were commonly held superstitions according to varying time periods and regions.

Today what do they mean to us? While perhaps still lucky to many of us they have become a representation of the horse that wore them. They say so much about the horse, it’s size perhaps, it’s job, the way in which it moved, it’s state of health.

More importantly, they, are the memories, the events, the laughter, the tears and the quiet times, precious moments, just being with them. All of that captured in those Horseshoes.

Our creations keep true to what the Horseshoe was, it’s essence, while giving it new life. Hand forged with clean lines. Simple yet beautiful. A precious keepsake, traditional gift or stylish addition to any country home.

We love what we do and we hope you do too.”


Horseshoes have long been a traditional gift given to the bride on her wedding day, the greeks believed the Horseshoe shape represented a crescent moon, a symbol of fertitlity. The Romans considered the U shape as protection from evil and as we’ve already mentioned, only a used horseshoe was considered lucky. We can help you there.

We have a range of gifts made from used horseshoes that can be personalised with names and dates. We can even make many of them from your own horse’s shoes to make that wedding piece extra special. We are constantly expanding and developing our creations suitable for weddings and are happy to discuss commission creations with you, please do get in touch.

We can also make a variety of items from your own horse’s shoes. Whether your horse is still with you or they have passed and you would like a precious keepsake made from their last set we would be happy to help you and take great care over our client’s unique shoes. Please see our testimonials for feedback from client’s who sent us their own shoes.