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Yes, you can. Many of our designs have drop down menu options on the listings for you to select using your own shoes. Please make your selection here. If you find a design that you like that does not have an option to use your shoes that may be because we require very specifically sized shoes to make a design which your shoes may not be suitable for. Please contact us here if you can’t find a menu option for using your own shoes. Please include detail of what design you are interested in and the size of your shoes you wish to send (sending an image of shoes via email is also helpful)

We are always very honoured when people want to send us their own horse or pony’s shoes to work with and we really do offer a bespoke service.

We always take the very upmost care with client’s shoes. We ‘book in’ horseshoes (and horse hair where applicable) when they arrive. This includes taking photos, emailing a confirmation of receipt of the shoes and confirming an extra details.

Then when your shoes are at the forge, we take images again and work with each client’s shoe, one by one, in the forge. When your horseshoe is with us, the entire focus is on your shoe. We work incredibly carefully to make sure we get things just right, taking into account shoe design, wear patterns, size etc.

Essentially this all takes extra time. When working from our own horseshoes we batch make but we feel with your horseshoes entrusted to us we must make sure every consideration is given to it. So you’re essentially paying a bit extra for the extra time and care we spend working with your shoes.

Absolutely not! Sometimes the most satisfying results are from extremely rusty, muddy shoes.

Rust and generally any paint burns away in the forge. What we cannot change however is texture, sometimes rust patterns leave a pitted or ridged appearance in the steel/iron that will remain. This all adds to the character!

This also means that scratches and signs of wear on your shoe will also remain. They are all a part of the horseshoe’s story.


The majority of our pieces are hand forged to order. Please allow up to 3 weeks lead time from us receiving your order, and horseshoes if applicable.

Some larger orders with multiple items may take longer so please allow plenty of time for larger orders/commissions and orders that are needed for a specific date.

A Fast Track Order service is available on some items for an extra charge reducing the lead time from order to dispatch to 7 working days.

Braided items and photo frames due to being a collaboration with Tail End Jewellery and Lucy Ellis Leatherwork are subject to a 4 week approximate lead time.

All lead times are approximate. Please bear in mind Horseshoe Hearts is not a full time occupation. We do our very best but are juggling family, animals and a busy farriery service.

Once your order has been shipped you should receive an automated notification email confirming your package is on its way. These sometimes end up in the spam or junk folders so please do check there.

Please bear in mind shipping times are an approximation. We are not responsible for any delays or losses with shipping carriers.

Most orders are sent with Royal Mail using either a Signed For service or via Special Delivery depending on what method you select at check out.

We recommend you chose Special Delivery for order made from your own horseshoes or those that are time sensitive.

Orders over 2kg are generally sent with Royal Mail but may be shipped via a UPS tracked service or other courier, as necessary.

All items has been treated with a sealant suitable for interior environments to protect from tarnish and rust.

We recommend your Horseshoe item avoids contact with perfumes, lotions and household cleaning products. Clean with a  dry, lint free cloth and keep your horseshoe items away from water and damp.

Please note, if you place any horseshoe items outside they will over time develop a rusty patina.

The item listings require every option to have had a response, before the add to bag button will be highlighted and useable.

Please slowly double check the information you’ve selected and even if you do note require a service – personalisation of Fast Track for example – please make sure you have made a “no” or N/A selection etc.

If you feel all fields have been answered or filled in and the problem persists please contact us here.


Items are hand stamped and we do our best to accommodate requests for personalisation/

What text we can fit however does depend on the length of the text and the style and size of the shoe as to whether we can fit in what is requested.

We will always do our best but may need to place text elsewhere or reduce the text. We will contact you if this is the case.

Nope, that’s fine we can remove those. Just package them carefully so they pose no risk to anyone handling your package during shipping.

We very much recommend sending any precious shoes or horsehair (where the equine has passed away and so these are the last in your possession) to us via a tracked and signed service. This would be Special Delivery with Royal Mail. Other couriers also offer tracked and signed services.

Please send them to us at

Horseshoe Hearts, 3 Cromer Close, Little Gaddesden, Herts HP4 1PR

Please include a note with your name and order number. Please ensure any hair is also clearly packaged and labelled.

You may also include on your note with any additional info or preferences for us to check through.

On check out for your item you will also be asked if you would like a standard return delivery or tracked and signed. Again with precious shoes we recommend using tracked and signed delivery

Yes of course!

We have plenty of used horseshoes of our own we can use for your order. This is how we started Horseshoe Hearts by using the horseshoes left over from Barry’s farriery work.

If you would like a specific size or type of shoe this can often be accommodated too, please just add a note to you order or drop us an email with your order number and let us know your preference.

Wherever possible we use biodegradable boxes, void fill and tape. Every now and then I may misjudge what we have left and have to use plastic tape but we do our very best to keep all our packaging so you can pop it all into recycling.


As horse owners ourselves we also know how unique, individual and special each horse or pony is to their owner and we pride ourselves on giving owner’s back a unique gift to treasure  that carries the significance of their own horse’s shoe.

We wouldn’t ever use a shoe that wasn’t your own shoe that you have sent unless specifically requested. We know how precious they are.

We take photos of your shoes on arrival and often there are brand marks of the make of shoe and style that make the shoe identifiable.

Generally we supply our hearts hung from linen ribbon as we feel this works well with the rustic and country feel of our hearts. We can also supply hung from white ribbon if you would prefer.

Just let us know on the drop down menu on the individual item listings. The hanging material can easily be changed by yourself if you wish to change it when your item arrives.

Where size allows, all our items will come to you in a natural cotton gift bag.

So larger items may be too large for gift bags.

If you have a voucher code you wish to use, please add your item to the bag.

Click “View Basket” then you should be able to see an voucher code box, underneath the item in your basket. Pop your code in there (it is case sensitive) and it should, fingers crossed, work.

I’ll admit the website and I do enjoy some debates over this though, so if it’s seems to be having a defiant day and this doesn’t work, do drop us a message with the voucher code you’re trying to use here and I’ll do my best to talk it round! 😉

Please always remember to wait once you have made payment for the payment processor (we use either Paypal or Stripe) to redirect back to our website and give you your order number.

However, poor signal or general misbehaviour on behalf of payment processors can sometimes cause duplicate payments. We do try to keep an eye but if you feel this has happened please contact us here as soon as you realise, with all the details and we will refund the duplicate asap.

Ah we would love to one day but at the moment, no we don’t.

We are an internet only business and so for insurance reasons cannot have visitors.

If you wish to discuss horseshoes etc generally customers send us via email photos of their shoes and with Barry’s lifelong farriery knowledge we are able to advise this way.

Yes you can, we realise some people like to speak to a real person. However please be aware we do not have a dedicated office based assistant!

You can call us on 07306 404491 but often during the day we are busy with forging, farriery, children and animals.

So if you’d like to call – please leave a voicemail if we don’t get to the phone (likely!)

Please leave your name, number, your order number if it is about an active order, or an short explanation if your enquiry is not regarding an active order.

We will endeavour to get back to you but this may take a couple of days and the call back may be in the evening.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

No, I am sorry we don’t offer any other finish other than the natural clear sealant we use on our horseshoe items as standard.

The reasoning is two fold. Firstly we passionately believe in allowing the natural beauty of the used horseshoe to shine through. That means a clear sealant that will shoe off wear marks and the shoes style and design. This was one of our defining factors when we began Horseshoe Hearts, to allow the old life of the shoe to be combined with a new design and function.


Secondly, everyone wants something different, different colours, shades, finishes. It’s is neither viable space wise, or economy wise to keep such a wide range that would be needed to be used ever so occasionally.

Also, we really believe in letting the natural finish of the horseshoe show itself off.. did we mention that? 😉

If you really want to paint your item a different colour then this is perhaps something you could do, but it’s not a service we offer.

We always like to help where we can on an original design for you.

However please note due to workload it may not always be possible for items to be commissioned.

Best thing to do is contact us and if we have the time we are happy to work with you to create something either from our used stock of horseshoes or your own.

All commissions require payment in advance one a plan is agreed.

Drop us a message here

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