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Posted on 2nd March 2020

Alexandra & Victor

“Victor, affectionately known as Victor Meldrew, reached the age of 18, 10 of those years spent with me. Years for which I’m eternally grateful. Victor was a special horse with such character, a real gentleman who left permanent hoof prints in my heart. He was fantastic fun to ride, albeit quirky and sometimes unpredictable but never dangerous – he always made me smile throughout the 10 years we had together. Wine Gums were his treat of choice!

The 19/02/2015 is a day I remember vividly; within the space of 11 hours Victor went from being fit and healthy to being humanely euthanised on the operating table. This day made me realise that our hearts are never ready to say goodbye to a horse, whilst our heads remind us of the duty of care we owe them to the very end. I was distraught sending Victor over the Rainbow Bridge but content knowing he was forever free from the excruciating pain he suffered that fateful day.

I choose to believe that Victor is now my Guardian Angel, and whenever I see a rainbow I think of him on the other side waiting for us both to walk side by side again.

Victor’s last set of shoes spent 5 years inside a cupboard gathering dust because try as I might I hadn’t found anyone I felt I could entrust them to. I came across Horseshoe Hearts on Instagram and instantly had a gut feeling that I’d finally found the people who would understand the memories and sentiment behind Victor’s last set of shoes. I give my heartfelt thanks to Horseshoe Hearts for creating a beautiful sculptural piece that I now proudly display.”


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