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Posted on 15th June 2020

Dolly & Rose

Okay, so a bit about Dolly…

She was a 13hh grey welsh pony, utter trouble maker, my best friend and the most opinionated pony you’d ever meet!
She was with me for 9 years and was the reason I started my business. She was very cheeky and loved to have fun – she was so stubborn and sometimes it would take over an hour to get her out to the field if she decided she didn’t want to go. She used to have a habit of sitting down on hacks if she didn’t want to go any further, she loved eating absolutely anything in her path (doritos, pizza, pot noodles and BREAD were a favourite) and had the most expressive face and wasn’t ever afraid to let us know how she felt.

She was the best!

Her party trick though was she liked to roll in her dinner – it didn’t matter if she was tied up, in the stable, on the yard, in the field… she’d just drop to the floor and roll on her bucket and then continued to destroy the bucket… the number of times you had to remind people don’t feed her whilst tied up on the yard!
She loved pulling faces and smiling – she was the best!
All images by Daydream Equine Photography. Find more at https://www.daydreamequineart.co.uk/
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