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Posted on 14th August 2019

Houligan and Tilly

The first product we ever brought from you was in memory of a very special horse who was in my life for the best part of a decade called ‘Houligan’ affectionately known as ‘Houli’.

 Houli was a 16.1hh ex-racehorse who came to us when he was 10 and I was around 14 years old. He was certainly no world beater and was never going to be the best eventer/showjumper or anything like that but he taught me so much in our time together. This included having the patience of a saint, to ride sympathetically and calmly and most of all to love unconditionally he really was an amazing companion and a fabulous riding horse while he was in work  

 Through kissing spines surgery, torn tendons, countless cuts including a huge cut right across his coronet band, Houli really did like being up to no good! In fact, I’m almost 100% sure he single-handedly is the reason that our vets drive around in expensive cars and go on fancy holidays!!

 In between being a ‘sick note’ we had the chance of competing in a few local shows and dressage competitions. On his final dressage show with my friend he even took 1st place with an amazing 71.68%!

 Unfortunately, we lost Houli back in September 2018 after he had to be put down after one of his many injuries was just untreatable and gave him no quality of life. Houli certainly wasn’t the easiest horse to own but he was the easiest to love and it really did break my heart when we had to say our final goodbyes. Definitely a horse I will never forget and everything I do with my riding career is in honour of the legend himself!  ‘Houligan’s Legacy’

His beautiful shoes lovingly crafted by Barry and Faye, who did very well to keep all the character of this amazing horse’s shoes alive, now sit pride of place in our living room!

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