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Posted on 2nd March 2020

Jesse & Dude

“So the story of the Dude the one who’s shoe made our lovely wedding heart…
Long ago in a distant land…. nah just kidding! It was back in 2008 I had lost my childhood pony and wasn’t much fun to be around having never really remembered the last day that I wasn’t owned by a horse. So it was exactly two months to the day that I was horseless, then came a very windy and somewhat daunting trip to Sussex with the trailer to pick up this little ginger colt (I don’t do chestnuts!)
He was a little runt of a chap barely over 14hh, his parents were 16.3 and 17.1 so yeah he was just a late bloomer, nope he stopped growing at 15hh (15.1hh if he’s got new shoes on!!!)
Well that was 12 years ago and what can I say we have been through so many ups and downs its a miracle we’ve both survived into adulthood to be honest, our lowest when I nearly lost him due to endotoxemia (brilliant word huh) three days before christmas a few years ago, but my little miracle baby pulled through and nearly bankrupted me. He was totally worth it, well when he’s behaving anyway. We have had to have a change in career having been brought as a potential showjumping stallion he decided that he was far to precious to take all four feet off the ground at one time so we have settled for endurance, which we are currently training like mad for in the hope to finish this season on 40km. So yeah we welcome the very unconventional Trakehner Stallion Dude to the world of Endurance.
It seemed only fitting that it was his shoe used for a horse shoe heart for my very long suffering non horsey other half to carry down the aisle, hugest thank you goes to Faye and the team for this special piece, can’t wait for it to be included in our special day and then hung up pride of place at home. “
Jesse is also super talented craftsman, working with both wood and leather. Do check out his work on Etsy here and give him a follow on Instagram here  and on Facebook here 
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