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Posted on 4th June 2019

Pepper & Emily

This is my pony Pepper who wore the shoe you made into a heart for my friend’s wedding present.
This was just the perfect present for her.
My friend and her now husband have lived together for awhile so didn’t want the traditional wedding gifts. We went to primary school and learnt to ride together. I now own a pony, but for various reasons my friend doesn’t ride anymore. She has ridden Pepper a couple of times.
When I received an invitation to her wedding I knew straight away I would be giving her one of Pepper’s shoes, and she would appreciate how special it is coming from not just any horse but my horse. Pepper is just the best riding club all rounder (providing the jumps are small and he has to canter left!), but he is 23 now and was a riding school pony between being 10 and 20, so he’s still learning about being a riding club horse.
I finally got to give her the shoe at the weekend and she did appreciate getting not only a real shoe but one with the luck personally stamped in by Pepper!
All of Pepper’s adventures can be found on Blog of a Bargain Cob. Keep up to date with them here
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