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Posted on 25th June 2019

Rakker, Phoebe & Emily

Last year, I lost my horse of a lifetime, Rakker, to a field accident. Rakker catastrophically fractured his neck after playing in his field. He was really stoic throughout and we decided to treat him and pursue recovery! He recovered really well; defeating all odds! Sadly, 11 months into his recovery, we believe that he had another accident in the field, and he deteriorated.

Rakker went to sleep in my arms in July 2018; we decided to let him go whilst he was still mobile, happy and not in pain. Losing him broke my heart. When he was diagnosed in August 2017, I went through the worst period of my life – thinking I was going to lose him. Although his recovery was positive, it was slow, and the following 11-months would test me to the furthest of my emotional stability. Rakker was my best friend, and seeing him recover made me so happy, but it also made me incredibly paranoid for his safety; I would always worry about him. It didn’t help that he was a total stress head, bless him! Fast forward to July 2018, losing him really hit me hard. It was an amalgamation of 11-months’ worth of stress and worry, as well as the present. I felt that a part of me had been lost forever. I couldn’t understand why life was so cruel as to take away the most kind and innocent horse I had ever met. I really struggled with coping – just mentioning his name would have me in tears!

When we lost Rakker, I sent his shoes off the Horseshoe Hearts. I wanted some keepsakes to have around the house and the yard; to remind me of him and to have him around me, in a sense. I didn’t realise just how much their products would help me cope with losing him. I have a shoe with his name on, a heart-shaped shoe with his name and date of birth on, as well as, two of his front shoes made into a candle holder. All of them remind me of him; his personality, his tiny hooves (!), and his presence. I love the candle. I lit the candle on what would have been his 21st birthday, and will light it in July, on his anniversary.

Horseshoe hearts treated Rakker’s shoes with the utmost care and sensitivity. I received photos of his shoes in the process of their production, as well as keeping me up to date with the process. They have been kept as they were; their shape, his road studs, etc. This was really important to me. I could then remember his hoof size, and the character which I can see in his shoes remains. Even with keeping this character, Horseshoe Hearts perfectly engraved the details, and lacquered them to shine. I would never use any other company than Horseshoe Hearts; I trusted them with Rakker’s shoes, and I would do so again, without a doubt.




I am now the proud owner of my beautiful mare, Phoebe and ordered a Horseshoe Heart product using her shoes. I don’t have many of her shoes, since she is still alive and well with me, and only changes her shoes every few months when the farrier replaces them with new. Since losing my late horse, I get really attached to my horse’s shoes – they are incredibly valuable to me. I trusted Horseshoe Hearts with Phoebe’s shoes, as I wanted a keepsake to hang next to my late horse’s shoes, and to cherish forever. Horseshoe Hearts were fantastic, as always. They kept me up to date with the process and looked after Phoebe’s shoes; keeping the character of them. I received her shoes back in a beautiful hessian bag, lovingly gift wrapped. Her shoe was lacquered, shiny and smooth – sparkling in the light (as it should, with Phoebe being such a sparkly character!), and was perfectly engraved with her name and date of birth. I love looking at her Horseshoe, and know that it will always be cherished and one day comfort me.

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