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Posted on 22nd October 2019

Smartie & Stacey

Smartie my pony of a lifetime….

I found Smartie in the search for some riding lessons to regain my confidence and find my love for riding again. After phoning a local livery yard to be told they only offered lessons on your own horse I was told about a pony that was just coming up for loan and that maybe possible to have some lessons on him.
I went to see the livery yard and meet smartie and agreed to take him on loan in August 2013. Smartie was in his late teens when I got him and had tried everything so he knew his stuff. Just what I needed to regain my confidence – and that he did!!
We had five & half solid years together. We started off in the school and lessons at the yard then went onto gradually getting my confidence up hacking. We did so much together, jumping, dressage, pleasure rides, beach trips, side saddle, horse ball, clinics. He was always doing something he was so fit & well for his age.
In July 2017 I was able to move Smartie from the livery yard to have him at home. This was the absolute best thing ever!! As if he wasn’t spoilt enough as it was, he now had me on call 24/7 😊 He soon settled in to his new surroundings and before long welcomed home his new field companions (two rescued mini Shetland’s) Rueben & Danny who he absolutely adored. They started off in separate paddocks but it wasn’t long before they all wanted to be together. He use to stand in the stable watching them through the grill. The fun continued from home, and another year and half of fun for us both.
23 November 2018 worse day ever… Smartie got colic. It was bad! After examination and discussion with the vet we decided to give the surgery a go. He was in surgery all afternoon – felt like a life time. He spent a good few weeks in the vets for his recovery. I missed him so much I visited twice a day. Once the vets were happy he came home. I even had to inject him for a few weeks which I was petrified of, but if it meant having him home I agreed to do it.
Good few months passed and we followed the recovery program provided by the vets. Smartie was doing great and was given the all clear for turnout in early February time. He was so excited to be back in his paddock munching away. 13th Feb he was also given the go ahead to start light work. Unfortunately I never made it back onboard… 20th February the colic came back and we had to make the hardest but kindest decision to let Smartie go. I was absolutely Heart Broken after he had been through all that for it to hit again. I will never ever forget that day.
My last moments with my bestest friend, he went peacefully in my arms and now laid to rest in a peaceful spot to watch over us.
I often go to my car or pull on the drive and wish he would be there with his head poked over his stable door to whinny at me as he always did. Or look down the field to wish he was bringing himself in by galloping down the run way.
I will be forever grateful for everything he taught and gave me. He was and always will be my horse of a lifetime, nothing will ever compare 💙
After searching for some time for a business that could help me with a keepsake I chose Horseshoe Hearts & Gifts to work with Smarties last set of very precious shoes. I love the quality of their work, their attention to detail & also their caring support during the process. I have chosen a linked heart that will be fitted above an oak beam in my kitchen & two small heart hooks which I think (although not 100% decided) will be fitted in my bedroom. The memories will live on as I glance at my hearts and think of all the good times – thank you so much
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