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Posted on 2nd March 2020

Sophie, Kreis, Alfie, Bear & Pickle!

My husband ordered me my three boys shoes beautifully crafted into hearts and interlinked.
One shoe was the last shoe from my ‘first’ horse, Kreis (cover photo) and what a special boy he was. He was an ex racer who went on to event successfully with his owner. I took him on loan when he was in his 20’s and I was fortunate that his owner really left me to it. I never wanted a TB but he gave me all the confidence in the world and we enjoyed hours of wandering (or flat out gallop) round the countryside (often more his choice of pace than mine!) He was the gentlest soul and we sadly lost him 2 years ago at 30.

The second shoe was the last back shoe from my ‘second’ horse, Alfie. Alfie came to me on full loan from a friend whilst rehabing from a kissing spine op. He was a true show off when it came to dressage, loved his XC but hated showjumping! We had a very fun couple of years before sadly his back could no longer handle the work and he retired back home with his owner and lives a life of luxury.

Lastly, the third shoe is my current horse, Bear. Born and bred to race he grew too big. In our three years together we haven’t done much as sadly he has a lot of problems, but he is my heart horse and puts a smile on my face every day. I also had it stamped with his little brother’s name, my cheeky but absolutely adorable Shetland Pickle. They are inseparable and adore each other. And who knew you could fit so much personality into such a small ball of fluff!

It means so much to have all their shoes together. I had looked for ages for what to do with their shoes. I didn’t want anything that took away from their shoes and the memories we had made, but something to enhance them, and it’s something I will cherish forever.
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