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Braided Horsehair Horseshoe & Candle Holder

A beautiful gift or keepsake for someone who would like to keep their precious horse's shoes just as they are.
Created in collaboration with Tail End Jewellery this is a simple but beautiful design.
Two horseshoes are required to create this piece. We can use your shoes or those from our own used stock.
A length of tail hair 40cm long and of a pencil thickness width is required for this design.
Please note there is a lead time of approximately 4 weeks for this bespoke and intricate design.
These items cannot be Fast Tracked. Read more →

Our classic Mounted Horseshoe & Candle Holder with a beautiful braided twist!

This is the perfect keepsake for someone who wants to create a tribute to their horse without having the shape of their horseshoe changed.

How many horseshoes does this design require?


Two horseshoes are needed for this design. We can use your own shoes or those from our used stock of shoes.

Every shoe is cleaned by hand to retain as many marks of wear and character as we can.

One shoe is used for the upright, the other used for the base.

How much horsehair do I need to provide?


Ideally a pencil thickness width and a 40cm length of tail hair is required for this design.

We work with Tail End Jewellery to create this design. Alison at Tail End has 20 years experience of working with horsehair and produces these most beautiful intricate braids that are securely set within the fullering of the Horseshoe Heart.

If you don’t have that much please do contact us first to discuss what you do have and we can liase with Tail End Jewellery to find a solution.

Contact us here

Can I use hair from more than one horse or pony?


Yes you can! This can either be in the form of a mixed braid where the multiple pieces of hair are braided together as per the example in the image.

The hair in the image is tail hair from Our two chestnut arabs, Skittle & Bear. The braid is one long continuous one that fills the fullering of the shoe. If you have a solid toed shoe then there will be two braids left and right. We could create two separate braids left and right if the type of shoe allows. If sending more than one horse’s hair please add a note indicating if you would like a mixed or separate braid.


My shoes are old and rusty does this matter?


Not at all. We are used to working with shoes that have just been removed or shoes that have been lurking for a couple of decades as well as some shoes that have been dug up out of the ground!

Can I send shoes from more than one horse?


You could. We could use one for the upright and one for the base. Please note the shoes should be of similar size however and if sending from more than one horse please indicate which you would like to be the base.

I would love this design but only have one horseshoe to supply


That’s fine. If you are happy for us to, we can use one of our own shoes for the base. We will match it as much as possible to your own in size and shape.

Why is there a charge for using my own shoes?


Good question. When your shoes arrive with us we unpack them, label them, bag them up and take them to our workshop. We will also contact you to let you know of their safe arrival. At least half of our work is with client’s shoes and so we have had to place a small charge for this service as the time it takes to book shoes in soon mounts up!

Is the candle holder included?

Yes. Your order will be supplied with a glass t light holder and t light candle.

Can I add personalisation?


Yes you can. We use letter stamps, to hand stamp text onto the horseshoes. We generally place text centrally on the front of the shoes. Every now and then the style of shoe does not allow standard placing or perhaps may not have a surface large enough to accomodate the stamps. If this is ever a problem we would contact you to discuss.

What is the lead time for these items?

Please be aware the lead time for braided items is approximately 4 weeks. These unique and intricate items have to go through a variety of processes to reach completion which cannot be hurried. Fast Track is not available for Braided items.

Lead Times:

We aim to dispatch candle, textile & gift voucher within 3 working days of receipt of your order.

For horseshoe creation lead times please bear in mind we are not Amazon! Please be understanding of the time, effort and care that goes into what we do.

The majority of our pieces are hand forged and crafted to order. In general please allow 3 weeks lead time for dispatch of your order. We do endeavour to be as quick as we can. We combine Horseshoe Hearts work alongside farriery (and any emergencies that occur with this!) and other work, family life and our own animals.

Please allow 4 weeks lead time for Braided Horsehair items and Horseshoe Photo Frames.

Some larger pieces and larger bespoke orders may take longer lead time.

Please Note: If using your own horse’s shoes delivery lead times are from the date your shoes are received by us, not the order date. Please ensure shoes arrive with us as promptly as possible.

Fast Track:

Fast Track is available on some horseshoe items for an additional charge.

Eligible items have Fast Track options on them on each individual item. These items have a 7 day lead time on receipt of your order, or if sending your own shoes 7 days from receipt of your shoes arriving with us. Please note we cannot guarantee any dispatch of an order in less than 7 days.

Sending your own shoes:

The address to send your horseshoes to is Horseshoe Hearts, 3 Cromer Close, Little Gaddesden, Herts, HP4 1PR. Please include a note with your name and order number so we know they are your shoes.

On check out you will be given the option to select your item under 2kg to be sent to you via Royal Mail First Class Signed For or via Special Delivery. Please note the only Special Delivery is tracked. Signed For acknowledges when the item is sent and when the item was received. It is not a tracked service. If you are sending precious shoes we recommend Special Delivery or other Tracked and Signed Service.

All items over 2kg will be sent with a courier (usually UPS) and are sent on a tracked and signed service.

International Orders:

We are happy to ship to most locations worldwide. International Delivery is for International Standard delivery. Approx. transit/shipping time between 5-10 days depending on your location. We cannot guarantee shipping times.


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