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“Lucy” Horseshoe Sculpture

Our 'Lucy' Sculpture combines one of our Original Horseshoe Hearts with three other horseshoes.

A beautiful way to use a full set of shoes from a horse that was precious to you, or as a gift to symbolise love and luck.

Add some hand stamped text to personalise it or an oak base for a touch of real luxury. Read more →

    Our ‘Lucy’ Sculpture combines one of our Original Horseshoe Hearts with three other horseshoes. A beautiful way to use a full set of shoes from a horse that was precious to you, or as a gift to symbolise love and luck. Add some hand stamped text to personalise it or an oak base for a touch of real luxury.

    For Weddings and Anniversaries

    Horseshoes were traditionally given to brides on their wedding day for luck. Only a used horseshoe is considered lucky as the horse strikes in the luck with every foot fall.
    As the years pass certain gifts are linked to each year of marriage. Iron is linked to the six year anniversary and steel the eleventh. Horseshoes make an apt gift for either being made from Mild Steel which contains a high percentage of iron.

    To make you gift extra special handstamped personalisation is available for names and dates on these items. We can also use your shoes for this item if you would like.

    As a Keepsake of a Special Horse

    As horse owners and lovers ourselves we know that sometimes you would like to have a creation made from your own horse’s shoes. This may be from the shoes worn at a significant show or event as a lasting reminder, they may make a lovely personal gift for someone who adores their equine friend, or you may like to have them as a sentimental keepsake after a much loved horse has passed away.

    This piece can be made from a full set of shoes, or from shoes from multiple horses if they are of a similar size. One horseshoe makes one Horseshoe Heart. You can personalise your piece with names or dates if you would like. Please note sometimes we may need to apply personalisation where space allows dependant on the type and size of shoes rather than in a specific place.

    A Unique Trophy

    Our ‘Lucy’ sculpture would make a fantastic champion’s trophy. We can hand stamp the name of your event and the date into the heart and horseshoe. The addition of an Oak base really completes the look and would create a real talking point.

    The Process

    Each and every shoe we use for our creations is heated in the forge and cleaned by hand. We feel it’s important to take care over this process so as to retain as much of the natural character of the shoe as possible. Rust really does not matter so don’t worry if you have very rusty shoes that you’d like to use. Clips and nails are removed, although every now and then if a nail does seem very determined to stay put we will leave it be, it’s all part of the charm!

    The Heart is skilfully hand forged from a whole horseshoe. It is not cut into two, nor then welded back together. The horseshoe stays whole, carefully worked into a heart shape with clean lines. The beauty is in it’s simplicity. Any personalisation on the hearts will take place now before being linked together and welded in place.

    Meticulous attention is then paid to the buffing and rasping of the piece to remove any sharp edges and bring up a gunmetal silver shine. A clear sealant to protect from rust is then applied. We recommend displaying your Horseshoe Hearts indoors and protected from the elements.

    Adding an oak base

    Our bases are made from solid oak, 15mm thick that we can stain in either a Light Oak tone or Medium Oak, you can select which you would prefer from the drop down menu. The horseshoe is securely bolted to the Oak Base. The beautiful tones and grain of the wood set off the gunmetal silver shade of the shoes to perfection. Size of Oak base may vary slightly to accommodate the size of horseshoes used.

    Lead Times:

    We aim to dispatch candle, textile & gift voucher within 3 working days of receipt of your order.

    For horseshoe creation lead times please bear in mind we are not Amazon! Please be understanding of the time, effort and care that goes into what we do.

    The majority of our pieces are hand forged and crafted to order. In general please allow 3 weeks lead time for dispatch of your order. We do endeavour to be as quick as we can. We combine Horseshoe Hearts work alongside farriery (and any emergencies that occur with this!) and other work, family life and our own animals.

    Please allow 4 weeks lead time for Braided Horsehair items and Horseshoe Photo Frames.

    Some larger pieces and larger bespoke orders may take longer lead time.

    Please Note: If using your own horse’s shoes delivery lead times are from the date your shoes are received by us, not the order date. Please ensure shoes arrive with us as promptly as possible.

    Fast Track:

    Fast Track is available on some horseshoe items for an additional charge.

    Eligible items have Fast Track options on them on each individual item. These items have a 7 day lead time on receipt of your order, or if sending your own shoes 7 days from receipt of your shoes arriving with us. Please note we cannot guarantee any dispatch of an order in less than 7 days.

    Sending your own shoes:

    The address to send your horseshoes to is Horseshoe Hearts, 3 Cromer Close, Little Gaddesden, Herts, HP4 1PR. Please include a note with your name and order number so we know they are your shoes.

    On check out you will be given the option to select your item under 2kg to be sent to you via Royal Mail First Class Signed For or via Special Delivery. Please note the only Special Delivery is tracked. Signed For acknowledges when the item is sent and when the item was received. It is not a tracked service. If you are sending precious shoes we recommend Special Delivery or other Tracked and Signed Service.

    All items over 2kg will be sent with a courier (usually UPS) and are sent on a tracked and signed service.

    International Orders:

    We are happy to ship to most locations worldwide. International Delivery is for International Standard delivery. Approx. transit/shipping time between 5-10 days depending on your location. We cannot guarantee shipping times.


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